About Us

The Temple Motor Cycle and Athletic club Ltd is one of the oldest in the world connected with motor sport. The first Temple road race was in 1921 a year ahead of the road races act in May 1922. This was the first road race in Ireland and the circuit was twenty five miles in length.

The Athletic part of the club name was carried because the Temple sports were organising under the ICA and IAAA laws and sports events before the war were better attended than the motorcycle events. However, this changed after the war.

All the early races were held on a handicap basis this changed to separate classes in the 1950s. In 1953 it was the first club to run 200cc races and in 1962 was the first to run a 50cc class in Ireland.


The course was changed over the years but was situated between Saintfield and the Temple crossroads on the Belfast to Ballynahinch road.

Then sadly in 1999 the Temple 100 road races were stopped after another fatal accident prompting the MCUI to declare the course too dangerous for racing,


attempts were made to acquire another venue near Bailiesmills but residents objected so the Temple 100 disappeared into the history books along with some other Northern Ireland road races.


Today the club run many aspects of motorcycling such as Short Circuit racing, Supermoto Racing, Moto-X, Trials and many members help other clubs to run road races to keep the sport alive.